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Lemon Creme Body Oil

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An herbal-infused oil made with vanilla beans, chamomile flowers and lemon peels, this oil is surely to have you feeling fresh and fruity!

Vanilla doesn't just smell amazing; it's also fabulous for your skin! Vanilla is a great source of antioxidants that help protect skin from environmental assaults that can accelerate aging.

Chamomile is amazing for the skin and to be honest with you, my FAVORITE skin-loving flower! It can help to reduce redness, relieve irritation, can even & brighten skin tone, is powerful with wound healing, offers soothing sunburn support, and can even be helpful with acne.

Lemon used in skincare is known to provide skin with many benefits such as a complexion that looks vibrant and feels healthy and smooth. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite, and act as a tightening and toning astringent that reduces the amount of oil production in skin and hair.

I added 2 specialty oils to this line!:

Organically crafted Lemon Seed Oil that is cold-pressed from the seeds of the bright yellow citrus limon fruits handpicked from sun-kissed orchards in the countryside. The high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content in Lemon Seed Oil makes it a moisturizing powerhouse - a must during the colder autumn and winter months when skin can become dry and lackluster.

Organic chamomile oil is cold pressed from the flowers of the Anthemis nobilis plant without hexane, pesticides, or other additives. Due to its antioxidant properties, Chamomile oil makes a great ingredient in any skincare formulation! It is light and absorbs quickly into the skin, one of the best oils for reducing inflammation!

How to use:
Can be used as an all-over body oil or a facial moisturizer.

Organic cold-pressed avocado & jojoba oils infused with vanilla beans, chamomile flowers, lemon peel and lemon powder, cold-pressed lemon and chamomile oils, lemon zest & french vanilla flavor extract,