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Spring Candles


This product is MADE TO ORDER.

Spring is in the air and let's get those spring candles burning! Nothing beats a cozy home with its windows open, the breeze blowing in, and a gentle scent of flowers, citrus, and fresh air.

All candles are made with organic beeswax & coconut oil mix and will come in an 8-ounce amber glass jar with an organic cotton wick.

All candles are made with Clean Scent oils from Candle Science and they are free from:

✖ Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer.
✖ Mutagens: Materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell and causing diseases like cancer.
✖ Reproductive toxins: Toxins that adversely affect reproductive organs and increase the risk of birth defects.
✖ Organ toxins: These are toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease within specific bodily organs.
✖ Acute toxins: Toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure. Generally, this would be accidental exposure like spillage or ingestion.

~ Parabens
~ Paraffin
~ Lead
~ Gluten
~ Phthalates
~ Toxic commercially produced fragrance oils
~ Artificial dyes
~ Ethyl alcohol
~ BHT, BHA, and sulfates.

COASTAL COTTAGE: Refreshing bergamot and sea salt top notes invite you into a garden heart of mint and peony. Juniper, light musk, and watery marine notes then anchor this soothing, atmospheric scent.

Vibe check: relaxed + tranquil

OLIVE GROVE: Bright top notes of bergamot, zesty lemon, and salty marine swirl into a heart of lush green leaves and fragrant rose, balanced by savory olive. Wood and soft musk complete this scent that’s reminiscent of an ocean breeze wafting through an olive grove.

Vibe check: sophisticated + uplifting

ORANGE CREAMSICLE: Nostalgic and true to its name, this scent opens with a pop of bright orange. The middle note of sugar brings in sweetness, while vanilla and marshmallow create a complementary creaminess.

Vibe check: nostalgic + joyful

SUNWASHED: A carefree scent, the heart of fresh cotton blossom and sweet coconut lingers on a base of dry wood, clean powder, and flirty musk. A trio of citrus top notes—petitgrain, orange, and grapefruit—are like rays of sunlight that invite you to bask in the warmth of the moment.

Vibe check: casual + carefree

VANILLE NOIR: Green leaves and vibrant orange top notes greet the nose before ushering you into middle notes of powdery heliotrope and alluring jasmine. Vanilla, light musk, and sandalwood at the base form a sheer and creamy depth that is exquisite!

Vibe check: alluring + chic

TULIP FIELDS: Top notes of peach and green palm add a sweet contrast to the heart of tulips and peony blossoms. The aromatic green leaves of the base are deepened with a hint of musk to wrap up this playful fragrance like a ribbon around a bouquet

Vibe check: happy + colorful

COTTON & IRIS: Airy ozone and powder notes open up to a floral heart of lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom. Light musk and violet ground this fragrance with a light woody base.

Vibe check: fresh & floral

JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Blooming cherry blossoms are infused with magnolia and rose, while subtle hints of cherry, tonka bean, and sandalwood add depth to this ozonic and airy scent.

Vibe check: nostalgic & elegant

CITRUS AGAVE: Zesty orange and lemon peel top notes open up to a heart of bright, juicy citrus. Agave nectar enhances the natural sweetness of grapefruit, mandarin, and tangerine, while a hint of lime and peach rounds out this tropical, fruity explosion.

Vibe check: cheerful & sweet

BLUEBERRY LEMON DELIGHT: This fruity and familiar fresh-baked favorite is enjoyed as both a breakfast confectionary and decadent dessert. Citrusy sweet lemon top notes sit atop juicy blueberries, creamy milk, and whipped butter middle notes while a generous vanilla base provides richness throughout.

Vibe check: delicious & nostalgic